Newly published book: “L’amour Encore” (Love Again) now available on Blurb

Book description L’Amour Encore (Love Again) is a flip-book based on entries in an artist’s sketchbook. It is an accounting of love and art, and a meditation on life. The pages become like mantras to self; sayings and memories that become a long-form poem over an extended period of time.

“L’amour Encore” is also a short film.

Author website http://www.maladobaldwin.com
Category Arts & Photography Books
Language English, French

Two Versions of the Same Scroll

longscroll, 40 inches x 20 feet long





marscroll, 40 inches x 20 feet long

this longscroll was used in an installation for the Longhouse Project with Sarah Walko, in the show The Last Supper at 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, and for a film backdrop for director Victor Ruano