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Malado Francine is an American multi-media artist based in Los Angeles. Themes around her work include ideas around archaeology and future artifacts, animism, hybrid beings, and the artistic creation of a more empathetic artificial intelligence. A human/animal/tech collaboration. Mythic creatures that blur the lines between the archeological past and the imagined technological future. An attempt to generate a feeling of deep time. The ancient reconfigured as newly totemic. The digital age as future artifact. Future tech as animist.

NADA Curated

After the End
Curated by Catherine Taft
March 27 – May 5, 2023


“It is a strange realism, but it is a strange reality.” 

–Ursula K. Le Guin, The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, 1986

Endings are always beginnings. As an ending begins, it nudges our sense of “now” toward some hazy, perpetual future. It’s a future with soft edges. The future rarely arrives abruptly. It’s a slow burn. We are carried into it fluidly while the shades and shapes of reality are altered around us.

This exhibition was an invitation for artists to speculate about the future and the potential worlds that are imagined through present-tense-endings. Artists were asked to think beyond any notion of the apocalyptic and instead reflect on how life will adapt to experiences of a new now, be that political, industrial, ecological, terrestrial, and so on. The response was overwhelmingly vast and varied. That so many artists are toying with these ideas should make us take notice. They are among our most important world-builders…

– Catherine Taft, Deputy Director & Curator at LAXART

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On view this summer in NYC

Malado Francine: ‘Watching you, watching me’, 2020. Acrylic and canvas collage on canvas, 37 x 45 inches.


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Swarthmore Bulletin – January 2021

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Books About Love

Painting suite included in the NYSS summer virtual show on

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Coast to Coast

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Link to the Gallery

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18-page Artist Book on view at the Every Woman Biennial in Los Angeles June 2-12

Link to View

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Newly published book: L’amour Encore (Love Again) – now available on Blurb

Link to purchase the book

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Fair Play Miami

I was invited to screen my films as a part of Fair Play Miami, December 2017 – An all female art fair running concurrent to Art Basel.

Fair Play is the video sector curated by Micol Hebron and presented in partnership with CMX Cinemas, featured The Femmes’ Video Art Festival projected onto the large-scale LED viewing screen.

Founded in 2015, the Femmes’ Video Art Festival includes not just women artists, but femme, gender nonconforming, genderqueer, and nonbinary artists as well. The selection of videos in Fair Play. is intended to foster an expansive conversation about gender, authorship, identity, and identity expression and representation. From #MeToo to #NotYouFair Play. aims to provide space for the voices of artists working in video who have heretofore been marginalized by cis-hetero identity norms. Fair Play. includes the special participation of YoungArts alumni. 

Link to FAIR Website

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Modern Oracles @ Trestle Projects Brooklyn

Modern Oracles Invite

*extended through April 15th!

The catalogue of the show can be purchased here

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