I started the practice of drawing in books during college as a literature major. I would buy books at the local used bookstore and carry them with me to read and draw in at once. It was an effective way to work small and on the go. It also merged my love of the worlds of visual and text. I was continually bouncing back and forth in my own small spectacle of differing languages, competing and uniting on the page.

Over the years, the cumulative nature of continuous drawing in books, sketchbooks, and on other paper like post-it notes, lottery tickets, etc., has resulted in an extensive body of work that reads like an epic poem or tapestry of ephemera, now stitched together virtually and seen all at once.

What you see here is only a fraction of a larger oeuvre:

Self-portrait with African masks,Modigliani. Mixed media on book pages, dimensions variable, 1995/2015

drawings on lottery tickets, 2001-2015

Mixed media on post-its, dimensions variable 2001-2014

mixed media on post it notes

Aida, detail

2010-2014 Mixed media on book pages, dimensions variable