Creation Scenes

2020 The film premiered at the  Maiden LA Biennial  September 1st 2020

2022 Honorable Mention – HALO International Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia

2023 Official Selection – New York Tri-State International Film Festival

2023 Honorable Mention – Budapest Film Festival

From the artist’s “Lost Tapes” series comes “Creation Scenes,” based on footage misplaced for almost twenty years and recently re-discovered.

Using traditional film techniques like scratching the emulsion with a needle, splicing and taping the film, in combination with newer technology in editing including Ipad drawing and animated Gifs, to create a soft-spoken and evocative short film.

As a young filmmaker in the nineties, the artist would encourage intense performative acts by her friends and lovers in front of VHS and Super 8mm film cameras. Dawn, and Jesse -as an artist in his own right- are subjects in this film.

“Creation Scenes” examines the idea of who is creator and who is the creation: woman birthing man; artist as the hand of ‘God’ -the filmmaker… A meta-narrative of a disembodied artist drawing on himself – as the filmmaker draws on top of him: ”X-ing out her exes’s…”