Newly published book: “L’amour Encore” (Love Again) now available on Blurb

Book description L’Amour Encore (Love Again) is a flip-book based on entries in an artist’s sketchbook. It is an accounting of love and art, and a meditation on life. The pages become like mantras to self; sayings and memories that become a long-form poem over an extended period of time.

“L’amour Encore” is also a short film.

Author website http://www.maladobaldwin.com
Category Arts & Photography Books
Language English, French

Sacred Object Project @ Our Prime Property

This idea came to me of relating to each other through aesthetic dialogue: symbolic artifacts in diverse cultures that, through association, acknowledge a borderless love of beauty, skill, and human expression. To locate the intersections of iconography and create equalized value across time and place, extending beyond regions and beliefs. The works become meditations on form pulled from their context and re-imagined within association…reducing and enlarging disparate items to the same scale and material to neutralize their worth and social/economic significance.

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Two Versions of the Same Scroll

longscroll, 40 inches x 20 feet long





marscroll, 40 inches x 20 feet long

this longscroll was used in an installation for the Longhouse Project with Sarah Walko, in the show The Last Supper at 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, and for a film backdrop for director Victor Ruano