These are samples of ongoing projects across multiple media; drawings on post-it notes, lottery tickets, books, and drawings turned into digital collage. They are being turned into larger prints, paintings, and short films, and comprise my current work.  See more on Tumblr and Instagram

mixed media on post it notes

“little reminders”

Mixed media on post-its, dimensions variable 2001-2014

“little reminders” mixed media on post it notes **


“stop, go, restart” sketchbook sequence / digital collage


“modigliani, xoxo” sketchbook, 1995, grenoble, france


“self-portrait with african mask and modigliani” sketchbook sequence / digital collage, 1995/2015

_GRENOBLE BOOKAida, detail

“aida, the full opera” (detail)

2010-2014 Mixed media on book pages, dimensions variable

“aida, the full opera” (drawing on book pages)

lotto 3

“my lotto” drawings on lottery tickets (ongoing project) _GRENOBLE BOOK

drawings on lottery tickets, 2001-2015

“my lotto” drawings on lottery tickets (ongoing project)  **

**limited edition poster available