LUX/NOX is a multi-part film and art project created by Malado Baldwin and Sarah Walko. The series is comprised of five unique films alongside painting and sculptural elements. In the making of the film, ritualistic actions, symbolic jewelry, costumes, and props, were all created through research into historical narratives, sacred geometry, and alchemical symbolism.

LUX/NOX Unique interpretations edited by: Anne Coburn /Kristi Harper /Eddie Nichols/ Anne Katrine Senstad /Sarah Walko + Malado Baldwin


One of our LUX/NOX short films was featured in Codex Dynamic single-channel artists/ video mapping project on the Manhattan bridge, October 2012, Brooklyn, NY

Other screenings include: The Downtown Art Center, LA and The Situation Room, Los Angeles, CA (2015). More TK

LUX/NOX: Interpretation by Anne Katrine Senstad:

rituals poster

“There is Nothing But Water Here” a film by Sarah Walko, with elements from LUX/NOX