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Swarthmore Bulletin – January 2021

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Social Media

A Group Exhibition with the Berlin Collectiv August-September 2020.

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A collaboration between the artist and her self in another form —a split/persona of the artist: from the cut-and-past of 3D-collage to the animated gif of the existing image; the artist works within dualities to create works in multiple platforms. Old school, new school techniques combine to form a colorful and dynamic short-form animé.


Social media are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.- Wikipedia

Social Media has the implication of Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Linkedin, and other platforms, which are used for marketing and the bringing together of networks and people. This exhibition is about forming a connection with another artist, (another BC Artist or an artist of your choice) whether it be a painting together, or you curate each other’s work.

We are pleased to present Social Media, a collaboration and thinking about painting and practices beyond our own, in hope of a connection, in this time of isolation.

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Grrl Haus Cinema 1.21.2020

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‘God_my_GODDESS’ screens at the Every Woman Biennial / NYC May 25 2019 as a part of ‘BEAUTIFUL QUEENS’

Link to the Festival

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Films & Adornment @ Winslow Garage in Silver Lake December 2018

Link to Gallery

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Interview for VoyageLA Magazine

Link to the interview Here

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Newly published book: L’amour Encore (Love Again) – now available on Blurb

Link to purchase the book

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Fair Play Miami

I was invited to screen my films as a part of Fair Play Miami, December 2017 – An all female art fair running concurrent to Art Basel.

Fair Play is the video sector curated by Micol Hebron and presented in partnership with CMX Cinemas, featured The Femmes’ Video Art Festival projected onto the large-scale LED viewing screen.

Founded in 2015, the Femmes’ Video Art Festival includes not just women artists, but femme, gender nonconforming, genderqueer, and nonbinary artists as well. The selection of videos in Fair Play. is intended to foster an expansive conversation about gender, authorship, identity, and identity expression and representation. From #MeToo to #NotYouFair Play. aims to provide space for the voices of artists working in video who have heretofore been marginalized by cis-hetero identity norms. Fair Play. includes the special participation of YoungArts alumni. 

Link to FAIR Website

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Miranda July / Joanie-for-Jackie Film Archive

“Day Ditty”  (1997) was acquired by the Getty Research Institute as a part of Miranda July’s Joanie-for-Jackie feminist film archive. See the page here

A devotion to women and their complexities is at the heart of all of the creative endeavors undertaken by Miranda July, the artist, writer, filmmaker — and radically motivated movie mogul. The latter gig, begun in 1995, was inspired by the Riot Grrrl scene then raging in Portland, Ore. Frustrated by the casual misogyny of mainstream and indie films, July, who had routinely built communities around herself, launched the feminist video series Big Miss Moviola (later changed to Joanie 4 Jackie); the hope was to offer an antidote to Hollywood’s disinterest in the lives of women, and to open up a dialogue among girls, as music and fanzines were doing in the mid-’90s. Joanie 4 Jackie quietly thrived until the early 2000s, providing an intimate, easy and invaluable way for female artists to reveal and share their lives.

Twenty-two years after the project began, the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles has acquired the Joanie 4 Jackie collection (some 300 videos, documentation and press materials) from July, contextualizing the project within feminist and queer history, alongside the archives of, among others, the Guerrilla Girls and Robert Mapplethorpe.”

-New York Times, January 30th 2017 –  full article here

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